Perfect sportscars, unique chassis design and impressive performance – in terms of technology and innovation JAGUAR is one of the undisputed leaders in the world of automotive design. Just one more reason to combine the latest technology in the manufacture of eyewear with
unsurpassed design transfers from the sportscar to create unique, sporty sunglasses for the JAGUAR Eyewear Collection 2014/2015.

So alive (Mod. 37715)Looks exciting, feels exciting: Sleek men’s sunglasses with red mirrored lenses and temples that are designed to
emulate the legendary JAGUAR F-Type’s wheel rims. Available in three colours: Black with red mirrored lenses (Col.610), matt dark grey with silver mirrored lenses (Col.650) and in black with polarizing lenses (Col. 611).

Dressed to impress (Mod. 37803) JAGUAR feeling for your face: Sporty sunglasses with polarizing lenses and carbon temple design – an adaptation from the carbon parts of the JAGUAR F-Type. Available in three colours: Dark grey (Col. 650), black with red mirrored
lenses (Col. 610) and in midnight blue with silver mirrored lenses (Col. 310).

(JAGUAR Sunglass Collection Autumn/Winter 2014,