New Zone Showcases Expanding Capabilities of Eyewear

International Vision Expo and Vision Monday are pleased to announce that the newly redesigned and expanded Eye² Zone will be unveiled at Vision Expo West, held Oct. 2-5, 2013 (Education: Oct. 2-5, Exhibition: Oct. 3-5) at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas. Launched at International Vision Expo East in New York City in March, the Eye² Zone is a dedicated showcase, exclusive to Vision Expo, where you can see, touch and experience, non-traditional vision-related technologies from 12 different exhibitors.

“These products expand the capabilities of eyewear and the potential of human vision,” said Courtney Muller, group vice president for Reed Exhibitions. “The debut of Vision Monday’s Eye²Zone in New York was a big hit and we are excited to bring this new segment of related technology exhibitors to Vision Expo West for the first time. This area is experiential and informative and features some of the most innovative products on the market. It’s a great way to see how vision will function as a foundation for emerging technology. Your patients trust you to guide and advise them on these products and Vision Expo is the only place to gain that comprehensive knowledge. Get in the Zone!”

“These products are great examples of some of the latest technologies being used in entertainment, sports, wellness and medicine. They are designed to be worn on the eye, near the eye, or even in the eye, depending upon the product. Doctors and dispensers who visit the Zone can learn about these products so they can then advise patients on their safe and proper use,” said Andrew Karp, editor of Vision Monday’s Eye² e-newsletter and curator of the Eye² Zone.

Located on the show floor in the Eyewear & Accessories Pavilion (Booth # 16115), Vision Monday’s Eye² Zone offers an insider’s look into some of the most interesting products unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show and other high-tech events around the country. The new booth design has incorporated a sectioned area for Daily Tech Talks, which allows for live demonstrations about ongoing technology presentations from the featured exhibitors. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet directly with representatives from each of the manufacturers and to interact with the products on display, including those used to enhance vision or athletic performance, communicate or view media, measure and monitor biometric data, and promote wellness. Products and technologies to be featured in the Eye² Zone at Vision Expo West include:

Boson – Boson manufactures 3D eyewear and entertainment objects that serve education, government, engineering, science and many other industries. Their goal is to provide unique and comfortable eyewear with the newest cutting edge technology. Boson eyewear frames are available as sunglasses, eyeglasses and 3D glasses, all featuring scratch resistant lenses.

iOptik by Innovega – Innovega enhances normal vision using special contact lenses that make it possible to view virtual and augmented reality images in the same way we view the real world. The technology utilized in the iOptik approach eliminates bulky optics that have previously been required in the design of video eyewear products, enabling higher performance and better style than ever before. iOptik will be the platform of choice for emerging social media and augmented reality applications.

Pivothead – Live, capture and share moments from your own unique perspective. Pivothead technology allows for true point-of-view hands free image capturing. Glasses feature HD video, 8MP Sony CMOS Image Sensor for crisp still images, auto scene adjustment, wind-resistant audio recording, up to 16-shot rapid burst still photos, 8GB internal memory capacity, micro USB connector, interchangeable 100% UV A/B/C blocking lenses, and more!

Mind Booster PSiO 1.1 by PSiO – The PSiO is a powerful relaxation tool that utilizes sound and colored rhythmic lights to enable focus, quieting any internal dialogue and enabling a higher state of awareness. Programmed sessions range from 5 to 30 minutes and leave you feeling renewed, refreshed and energized. This powerful AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) system can serve as a personal development tool, and can be programmed to be used for weight loss, memorization, performance, pain relief, smoking cessation, concentration, relaxation and much more.

Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System by Second Sight – The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System is the world’s first and only approved device intended to restore some functional vision for people suffering from blindness. The device is surgically implanted in and on the eye and is designed to bypass the damaged photoreceptors altogether. Glasses with a built-in camera capture a scene which is processed and transformed before being transmitted wirelessly to the antenna in the implant. This process of transmitting visual information along the optic nerve to the brain creates the perception of patterns of light which patients can learn to interpret as visual patterns.

Cinemizer by Carl Zeiss – The cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses combine 3D movie enjoyment with outstanding image quality and stereo sound. The cinemizer utilizes lightweight, mobile technology to create a theater atmosphere by projecting a 40-inch image into the eyeglasses. The glasses can be connected to an iPod/iPad/iPhone, smartphone, Blu-ray player, gaming console, computer and more. Eyeglass wearers can also configure their prescription in each eye with a setting wheel.

Crystalline Lens by Gunnar Optiks – Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear featuring Crystalline lenses protect, enhance and optimize visual performance for anyone who spends long hours viewing computers or digital screens. The Crystalline lens is engineered for the graphic designer, video editor, or creative visual artist that requires an equally balanced color spectrum to design and edit in true color. The glasses help minimize eye fatigue and visual stress caused by high intensity blue light and glare from screens while improving contrast, comfort and focus.

Sportiiii by 4iiii – Sportiiiis utilizes color LEDs and voice prompts to provide performance feedback without distraction during physical activity. When used with the 4iiii app or website these prompts can guide user to personalized preset targets for heart rate, speed, cadence and power as well as help track progress. The universal mount attaches to almost any pair of glasses, with built-in speakers for audible updates. 4iiii Innovations develops technologies that improve sports performance while making the athlete’s world safer. The goal is to eliminate distractions, increase focus and produce results.

Z3 GPS MOD Live Ski Goggles by Zeal Optics – Handcrafted in Japan, the Polarized Automatic lens used brings superior optical clarity. Features include anti-fog lens infused lens process, impact resistant frame technology, 100% UV protection, helmet compatibility and polarized automatic lens. MOD LIVE GPS System is Bluetooth enabled and allows for tracking speed, altitude, GPS, jump stats, temperature, distance, run, count and chrono. Widescreen in-goggle display is ideal for smartphone connectivity to view Caller ID, text messages, buddy tracking, trail maps and navigation.

eSight – eSight Eyewear is wearable, electronic assistive technology designed specifically for low vision. It incorporates prescription lenses with a high-resolution video camera and a bright, high-contrast, “virtual” display for each eye to maximize the effectiveness of remaining eyesight. Setting are adjusted to suit personal vision challenges and may be helpful for people with Macular Degeneration, Stargardt’s Disease, Ocular Albinism, Diabetic Retinopathy Leber’s Disease, Glaucoma, Con-Rod Dystrophy, some forms of Retinitis Pigmentosa and other low vision conditions.

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