The new year is here and so is a collection of amazing new styles, designs and technology in the eyewear industry.
The year 2013 is looking to be one of innovation and advancement with companies launching some of the most progressive eyewear to date.
This issue shares the countless ways the eyewear industry is developing products to meet the varied needs of clients and consumers.
With a greater understanding of what the consumer wants, there has been a greater emphasis placed on personalization and fashion-conscious designs. One of the best examples of this is the launch of Jeanne Bekers new Signature Collection with
WestGroupe. The former fashion host has partnered with the brand to come up with designs and styles that reflect a more knowledgeable and fashion oriented consumer.
This trend is also evident in the latest styles featured in our 2013 Preview feature where colour reigns and individuality is paramount.
It’s easy to see from the line of eyewear soon to hit the shelves that there will be a lot of amazing choices and unique styles to chose from no matter what your personal taste.
We are also pleased to share the latest information on the lens industry where more durable, versatile and functional products are being developed with a strong emphasis on technological research and advancement.
Lenses are no longer just for correcting eye conditions, but for improving them to capacities far beyond anything we could have imaged even 10 years ago.
Scientists are now taking into account the heavy use of technology by consumers and the countless hours spent in front of screens such as phones and computers. They are developing products that can adapt to this new lifestyle and make working easier.
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We hope 2013 is a banner year for the industry and Optical Prism will be there to share it with you.
Sarah McGoldrick