The dream of creating high quality eyewear at a reasonable price has been at the core of the creation of Inface Company for its founder, Hans Laursen, and today, after 25 years as a design business, Inface is an important eyewear supplier and partner for optical stores across the whole of Europe, Canada and other counties.
“We are marking our Jubilee with various events throughout the coming year. In October at Silmo in Paris we’re launching 2 special Jubilee design series, as well as another series at the Munich exhibition in January 2013” explains Thomas Laursen. “We have events every month this year to celebrate our birthday together with our customers.”
The story of our founder, Hans Laursen, begins in an entirely different place. Hans Laursen opened his first store in the centre of Vejle in the 1970s, where good service and satisfied customers were decisive and important factors. Behind the counter Hans Laursen continued his father Kristian Laursen’s meticulousness for the optical business. Hans Laursen’s retail concept grew steadily and quickly developed into 13 smart and popular stores around the country. After 23 years in retail, the desire for entrepreneurship became more important than continuance and Hans Laursen sold his business so he could start a new one.
Established in 1987, today Inface Company is a family-owned business, consisting of Hans Laursen, his daughter Mette Laursen and his son Thomas Laursen; Three enthusiasts with a passion for design and functionality.

Inface – Handmade Danish-designed Eyewear
At Inface, our eyewear collections are broad, embracing the majority of needs when it comes to a beautiful example of quality eyewear at a reasonable price. The design is carefully chosen and created to match the character of the wearer. “Design is not just about creating products, but also the art of knowing what to throw away,” says Hans Laursen. The entire design process at Inface is developed in close cooperation with Hans Laursen and Mette Laursen, who both have a special love of design and colour schemes.
 Our inspiration is characterised by daily life; what we encounter, where we are, what we experience and see. It can be here at home, but particularly also when we travel, where everything is different and new.
We retain our focus on our simple and pure design principle by virtue of our heritage and tradition, but always combined with new images, colours and impressions from the rest of the world as sources or new inspiration. We seek to capture the feeling of an individual person’s look and personality, and the way in which we live in the same point of time and evolution as the wearers of our frames. Inface designs eyewear for adults but we also pride ourselves in designing eyewear for children. This requires both the respect to be able to take children seriously, as well as to respond to their need for strong and fashionable eyewear.