by Sarah McGoldrick
Frames are taking an exciting step forward this season with the culmination of classic styles with modern twists. This year the industry is seeing a move towards blending materials and colours with a focus on individuality and expressing personality. “Consumers truly embrace their eyewear as an ultimate means of self- expression whether the goal is to compliment sophisticated fashion or simply have fun,” said Paula Weissman, Vice President, Marketing Modern Optical International.
She says ’thin is in’ with retro shapes still drawing a strong demand. She adds this has been modified slightly to a slightly slimmer yet oversized silhouette.
“There is a move towards thoughtful combinations of zyl and metal defying the conventionality of single material eyewear, favouring the more creative, urbane consumer,” she said adding eyewear becomes ”funwear” with upbeat patterns and bold colour blocking.
Weissman said Modern Optical is unique in that its extensive selection of more than 800 styles deftly covers current fashion trends. She added consumers can achieve these on-trend looks at affordable prices knowing that all frames are covered by strong warranties. Men continue to drive trends this season moving away from chunky, thick frames.
“Men are gravitating toward more sleek, minimalist designs in titanium and stainless steel,” she said. “Subtle design patterns promote smooth sophistication and style. Geometric, angular openings exude masculinity for the more fashion-conscious man.”
Classic Cat-Eye
For decades it has been the frame of choice for sophisticated and fashionable women and Spectacle EYEworks continues to revolutionize and update the classic cat-eye.
“Vintage, vintage! I am always trying to mix up the vintage retro concept with vintage cat-eyes,” said Mehran Baghaie, Owner of Spectacle EYEworks. “I think glasses as a fashion statement is surging forward and onward.”
He said vintage is ’in your face’ kind of fashion adding, it is bold and unyielding.
Baghaie continues to bring together a collection of stunning colour with unique brow accents this season. These interchangeable features allow the wearer to create a frame that is unique to them and how they feel that day.
“Vintage frames give character to faces that may otherwise have no distinguishing character,” he said. “I do my best to expose my client to what they have not been exposed to; whether it be colour, shape, material, style or construction.
Creative Colourful
Colour will always be an important component of frame design. How colour is used is what sets a great piece of eyewear apart from the competition. Clients are not just looking for simple use of colour, but innovative and unique ways of incorporating their favourite shades.
Beverly Suliteanu, VP of Product Development for WestGroupe, said texture is a very strong trend this season, in both metal and acetate adding the perfect compliment to colourful pieces.
“In our FYSH UK collection we have incorporated glossy overlays as well as textured finishes to add a “touch” dimension to the design,” she said. “Colour blocking is also a strong trend in eyewear this season, for both men and women. This trend uses bold colours as either a primary or secondary tone to allow for different looks within a style.”
She noted the KLiik denmark and Evatik collections use colour blocking in multiple ways, including contrasting front and temple colouring and blocks of contrasting colour in the temple or front design.
“Most fashion conscious consumers know the trends that are happening in fashion and are looking for accessories that complement their fashion statements,” she said. “For consumers who wear glasses, eyewear is viewed as much as an accessory as is a pair of shoes or a handbag.”
She said eyewear that is on- trend with what is happening in the fashion world is one more tool for these consumers to complete their look. WestGroupe’s focus on both the fashion and the eyewear trends of the season makes their product unique.
“We try to marry the two industries in order to produce interesting, fashionable, yet functional eyewear,” she said. “Although fashion is a huge part of our design, quality and fit is just
as important.” •