CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is thrilled to announce the launch of HYLO® mini, its latest addition to the HYLO® family of preservative-free, phosphate-free lubricating eye drops.

Dry eye disease affects millions of Canadians. It is a complex, multifactorial disorder of the tear film that may damage the ocular surface, triggered by air conditioning, computer work, hormone changes, allergies, medications, environmental factors, eye surgery and eye injuries. 

Dry eye is often first treated with ocular lubricants. The choice of lubricant can make a big difference: artificial tears with preservatives can damage the ocular surface and contact lenses and can cause allergies. Lubricants with phosphate-based buffer systems can cause water-insoluble calcium phosphate deposits on the outer cell layers of the cornea. Products containing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid may not work very well and may even worsen dry eye symptoms. Choosing a preservative-free, phosphate-free lubricant containing high molecular weight hyaluronate avoids all those risks from the start.

Ten years ago, the introduction of HYLO®, Canada’s first preservative-free, multi-dose lubricating eye drop, revolutionized the standard of care for Canadian dry eye sufferers.  CandorVision™ has since received countless positive patient reviews and enthusiastic feedback from ophthalmologists, optometrists, and other healthcare professionals. Many have asked CandorVision™ to add a version of HYLO® in a smaller, starter-pack size. 

“We’ve listened to your feedback and are now proudly offering HYLO® mini: a new, additional 150-drop starter-pack format at a starter price – with the same HYLO® advantages you love,” says Dr. Frank Heidemann, President and CEO of CandorVision™. HYLO® mini makes it easier for health professionals and their patients to start HYLO® therapy and feel the difference.”

HYLO® mini offers the same exceptional HYLO® advantages its loyal users love: HYLO® mini is preservative-free, phosphate-free, and comes in a safe, German-engineered airless multi-dose system, dispensing one drop at a time. HYLO® mini contains high-quality, high-molecular weight sodium hyaluronate for immediate, long-lasting dry-eye relief and is suitable for treatment of mild to moderate dry-eye symptoms, contact lens rewetting, and post-surgical use.

HYLO® mini will help broaden our patient success,” says Dr. Frank Heidemann. “The added smaller pack size offers many benefits: an easier first-time HYLO® experience for hesitant new dry eye sufferers and an additional tool for health professionals caring for dry eye patients.”

HYLO® mini can be found Canada-wide at selected optometry and ophthalmology clinics alongside the HYLO® family of dry eye treatments and CALMO® / NACLINOTM lid hygiene and at pharmacies behind the counter clinics. 


CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is a Canadian-owned and operated company which develops and markets the highest quality ophthalmic medical devices for dry eye and lid hygiene treatment for the Canadian market. CandorVision™ provides cutting-edge technology to health professionals, developed with the protection of our environment and environmentally compliant techniques in mind.