The plan for Hoya Vision Care to invest heavily in the area of lens production and manufacturing was set into motion early 2013 due to accelerated growth expectations
experienced in the US market. Year 1 of the 5 year plan calls for a $15M Inter company
Manufacturing Center (IMC) incorporating revolutionary lens manufacturing and processing equipment. The IMC will process its first lens in January 2015.
Mike Dougher, VP of Operations commented…. “Lead time required for delivery of next
generation processing technology and robotic automation is at a minimum 16 months,not to mention the logistics designing the most efficient lab structure imaginable. The initial planning and orders for state‐of the‐art processing and AR equipment started in January, 2013”
Increased efficiencies will have a positive impact and enhance the entire Hoya production model across the country. The 100,000 square foot facility will run 24/7….365 days per year.
Barney Dougher, Hoya Vision Care North American President stated… “The reason for the investment is really very simple and boils down to the fact that we believe in the US
Independent Eye Care market and have an unwavering degree of confidence this sector will continue to thrive. This is already being substantiated today given the high level of
growth we’ve been experiencing.”
Dougher continued… “Investing in the IMC and related technology not only expands capacity, it also plays a major role in turn time. The end result is a satisfied customer, a satisfied patient and the opportunity to provide an increased level of service for the
independent market.”
Beyond the first year investment in independent optometry, the Lewisville, Texas IMC will hire approximately 100 individuals to operate the 3 shifts of continuous production.
Dougher added….”Every consideration regarding environmental responsibility was incorporated in the design to ensure a Green facility.”