Hoya Vision Care Canada has launched Hoyalux Array, a new full backside FreeForm progressive lens – the first Hoya full backside design offered in its product line. It combines HOYA’s state-of-the-art lens material and world-leading AR technology with an advanced full back-side progressive design.
Traditionally, Hoya is known for its patented iD Design with Integrated Double Surface Technology, and the award winning design Hoyalux iD MyStyle. The Hoyalux Array is a perfect complement to Hoya’s FreeForm category of lenses by offering an affordable optimized lens design for every patient, maintaining superior vision at all distances.
Hoyalux Array is created by combining each patient’s unique measurements with its Transmittance Control 3D Design Software which models multiple scenarios of how the eyes
see with each prescription and also compensates for differences between wearing position and refraction position. Hoya modifies and enhances the lens design for optimal intermediate and reading area placement, and balances design symmetry for better binocular vision and the most stable viewing experience. One of the many advantages this design offers is “a great opportunity to offer a wide range of material availability, including a polarized option in every index” says David Pietrobon, President, Hoya Vision Care Canada. Customers will also benefit from HOYA’s industry leading EX3 and Super Hi Vision AR coatings, excellent proprietary lens material, and superior quality lab service.