HOYA Vision Care Canada announces the launch of their NEW online marketing portal HoyaPlus.ca, which will host the spring ‘Lenses for Life’ campaign with a manual participation option also available for those who prefer it.

This celebrates the launch of Hoya’s newest Anti-reflective coating Super HiVision EX3+, which is now even easier to clean than its predecessor EX3, and one of the industry’s most innovative optical advancements available on the market today; “Binocular Harmonization Technology – BHT.”

HOYA’s patented Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT) considers the prescription for the right and left eyes as individual components to calculate the optimal binocular lens performance. BHT lenses are at the forefront of the Lenses for Life campaign combined with other premium lenses and treatments including EX3+.

HoyaPlus.ca rewards participants for incremental growth on featured products and tracks all eligible purchases through the site. Reward points can be redeemed on demand through the portal for gift cards from over 50 different vendors!

“HOYA’s “Lenses for Life” campaign is yet another example of the revolutionary developments that we are introducing to give our partners the tools to be successful. As the Ally of the Independent, HOYA strives to give you competitive advantages in the marketplace for the lenses you choose to order.” said Ahmos Henry, President of HOYA Vision Care Canada.

“Lenses for Life” will begin March 16th, 2020 and run through August 31st, 2020.

For more information about HOYA Vision Care Canada, please contact the customer care team at 1-888-258-4692.