Patients will now be able to experience the benefits of their HOYA lenses before they buy them, with the new HOYA Vision Consultant Viewer (HVC Viewer) app.
The ECP can simply pick the appropriate lens type for the patient from the available modules. The patient holds up the iPad and through the camera they can look around the room and see the benefits HOYA lenses will provide as they would experience them. In a few short seconds a patient will experience first-hand, the difference in performance between various types of lenses in a real life situation.
“Keeping with our commitment as the Ally Of The Independent, we want to empower the independent practices through science, innovation and technology with state of the art tools,” said Ahmos Henry, President, HOYA Vision Care Canada.
The HVC Viewer is a convenient tool every dispenser needs to give their patient a personalized experience that will allow them to demonstrate the benefits of HOYA lenses. This type of technology differentiates an independent practice and sets it apart from the competition. The HVC Viewer is available now and can be purchased and downloaded on an iPad from the iTunes® App Store.