HOYA Vision Care, a global leader in the optical industry, is thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotions of Christina Ferrari and Sherry Klassen within the company. Their extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and exceptional contributions have led them to ascend to the positions of Director of Western Canada and Director of Eastern Canada, respectively, solidifying their roles as integral members of HOYA’s
sales organization.

With an impressive tenure at HOYA, Christina Ferrari has made significant contributions to the optical industry, showcasing her analytical expertise and strategic methods. Christina advances to the role of Director of Eastern Canada, where she will leverage her wealth of experience to drive strategic initiatives, strengthen customer relationships, and position HOYA as a leader in the eastern region.

Sherry Klassen is considered by her customers as a highly regarded partner for over two decades. Since joining HOYA Vision Care in 2005, Sherry has consistently demonstrated her resourcefulness as a Regional Sales Manager, spearheading numerous successful initiatives and driving exceptional sales results. Her outstanding performance, coupled with her natural leadership abilities, has earned her promotion to the position of Director of Western Canada.

The promotions of Sherry Klassen and Christina Ferrari underscore HOYA Vision Care’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent within the organization. Their dedication, innovative thinking, and exemplary leadership have proven instrumental in propelling the company’s growth and success. These promotions reflect their extraordinary contributions to HOYA and their embodiment of the company’s values.

Steven Haifawi, President of HOYA Vision Care Canada said, “Christina and Sherry have continually gone above and beyond in their dedication to serving both our valued customers and fellow colleagues. Their commitment and year- over-year successes have not gone unnoticed. Their promotions will empower them to have an even greater impact.

We congratulate them and look forward to their continued contributions to both our customers and HOYA” HOYA Vision Care is committed to its ECP Visionaries and is confident that the promotions of Sherry Klassen and Christina Ferrari will ensure continued excellence in serving customers across Western and Eastern Canada.

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