HOYA Vision Care Canada’s “What’s your iD?” is a unique Marketing campaign that is being launched for the first time in the optical industry. When a dispensing team orders one of the eligible products from HOYA’s iD family of lenses or lens coatings, the job will be delivered with a scratch card offering the practice a 1 in 5 chance of earning potential gifts that can reward the patient, or the dispensing staff who work hard to deliver the best vision for all their patients.

“We are extremely excited about our brand new marketing campaign” said Ahmos Henry, President HOYA Vision Care Canada,“This campaign promotes the innovative technology of HOYA’s iD family of lenses and our superior coatings. This campaign will provide our valued Independent Eye Care Professional’s a great strategy to further the success of their practice and create a fun way to reward their patient and/or dispensing team.”

HOYA Vision Care Canada, the Ally of the Independent, continues to be the fastest growing company in the optical industry. With a solid partnership with independent eye care professionals, a line-up of the best in class lenses and coatings and marketing programs that aim at mutual success for the practice and HOYA.