HOYA Vision Care is proud to announce their new Ally of the Independent campaign supporting independent eye care professionals.
The foundation of the Ally of the Independent campaign is based on shared values. HOYA believes the independent should decide what is right for their practice and patients. They also believe more choice is
better for a practice, not less. HOYA’s growth model and investment strategy is based on Independent growth. HOYA wants to empower the independent practices with science, technology and innovation and keep them ahead of the competition.
“We want to show the independent market what we believe a partnership means and how we can empower them through differentiation to grow their business” said Ahmos Henry, President, HOYA Vision Care Canada. “A critical first step in our Ally of the Independent campaign is to give the independent ECPs a competitive advantage in the marketplace for the lenses they choose to order.”
To further support their commitment to the independent practices in Canada, HOYA has launched their HOYA Honours rewards program which can benefit every Independent professional with tools, rewards and incentives to grow a sustainable business.
Please visit ECPALLY.CA to learn more about Ally of the Independent. And for more details about the
HOYA Honours Program you can visit HOYAHONOURS.CA