HOYA is proud to announce its latest innovation in photochromic lenses: HOYA Sensity. Light reactive lenses that provide unparalleled
performance and outstanding user comfort. Made by HOYA.

HOYA has been active in the field of photochromics since 1969 and has always been striving to develop the best photochromic solution possible for every light condition. Sensity light reactive lenses incorporate all-HOYA technology to ensure quality and durability:
• Stabilight Technology ensures consistent performance in different climates and seasons
• Excellent contrast and glare reduction with Sensity’s deep, natural colours
• Exceptional optical quality and durability due to Photochromic Precision Technology
• Widest freeform product range in PAL, single vision and bifocal

A new approach to photochromic lenses
HOYA Sensity lenses with Stabilight Technology take photochromics to a new level.
Stabilight Technology ensures Sensity lenses perform consistently in different climates, seasons, and circumstances. Not only do they darken to an attractive category 3 sun lens faster than ever before (up to 45% darker after 90 seconds): they also quickly fade back to
full clarity as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes (up to 23% lighter after 1 minute).
During these rapid transitions, total UV protection remains in place. As a result, Sensity provides the highest user convenience as well as the best protection.

Unrivalled colour retention
Sensity lenses are perfectly equipped to deal with glare. And they do so without compromising contrast or colour perception. Sensity offers a choice of two deep, natural tints that were developed by colour specialists to harmonise with sun lens trends, thus guaranteeing a contemporary look: Bronze Brown and Silver Grey.

Exceptional durability and performance
Sensity light reactive lenses are made with HOYA’s proprietary Photochromic Precision Technology. A microscopically accurate spin coating process tailored to freeform lens production that ensures an even distribution of molecules over the entire lens surface. This
results in exceptional performance and extended durability.

Unlimited scope for any customer preference
HOYA offers Sensity in an extensive range of combinations to match any individual requirements. Sensity is specifically tailored for freeform and can be supplied in all HOYA single vision, bifocal and progressive lens designs, such as the award winning Hoyalux iD
range. Next to this, Sensity can be combined with all HOYA premium coatings and comes in several stock options. The Sensity lens offer will be available in Europe and South Africa from the 2nd of June 2014, and replaces HOYA’s Suntech Intense offer.