HOYA Vision Care Canada has expanded the lens availability for its popular Eye-M-Growing Kids program. Effective immediately, ECPs will now be able to order HOYA Nulux Phoenix aspheric lenses through the

The Eye-M-Growing Kids Program added three new single vision 1.53 Phoenix aspheric lens and coating options in addition to the current spherical 1.53 Phoenix offering. The new additions include: 1.53 Rx NULUX Phoenix with Clarity Shield scratch coating, 1.53 Rx NULUX Phoenix with HDV Plus AR coating and 1.53 Stock NULUX Phoenix with Hi The Eye-M-Growing Kids Program allows ECPs to support their patients through the development of their visual needs. In recognizing how often a child’s vision changes as they develop, the Eye-M-Growing Kids Program offers a substitute pair of lenses within 15 months of the original order for any reason. The program is available to children 13 years of age or younger and exclusively uses HOYA Phoenix lenses, the tough, light, clear choice – ideal for young kids’ busy lifestyles!