Hoya Vision Care Canada, a market leader in the Ophthalmic lens industry, is pleased to announce the newest additions to its product line: iD LifeStyle 2 Clarity and Hoya recently launched its successful iD LifeStyle 2 lens design and due to its high popularity, Hoya is now expanding on its product offering with the addition of iD LifeStyle 2 Optimum option. This new option maintains all the existing characteristics of the successful HOYALUX iD LifeStyle 2 design including the freeform aspherization technology, progressive distribution, base parameters and reference power integration. iD LifeStyle 2 Optimum also includes the ability to input patient panto, wrap, and vertex distance measurements. It is the natural evolution of HOYA’s state-of-the-art lens design and its people-inspired personalization based on years of data collection and analysis.

HOYALUX iD LifeStyle 2 Clarity is the dynamic progressive lens with primary focus on distance vision.
It is the ideal design for young, active presbyopes who require sharp vision and do not accept any
HOYALUX iD LifeStyle 2 Harmony is the all-around progressive lens that has the most comfortable
progressive distribution over the main vision areas. It is the perfect design for experienced presbyopes
who expect nothing but the best possible vision wherever they look.

Please contact you Territory Manager today to learn about iD LifeStyle 2 lenses and the Optimum option.