By Kristy Koehler,



The holidays might not seem like a busy time for optical, but they can be.

Students are home from college and looking to check new glasses off their to-do list. Busy professionals finally have some vacation time and an opening in their schedules for self-care.

And of course, everyone is in the shopping mood, not to mention the year-end rush to use up health benefits.

So, how can your practice capitalize on patients who are ready to buy?

With some Ho Ho Holiday advertising, that’s how.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure your practice is holiday-ready.


Glitter, Lights, & Everything Nice

Decorating your office is great for staff morale, but it’s also a good business practice. People are feeling warm and fuzzy and looking to keep up that cozy sentiment as they shop.

A beautifully decorated storefront will entice shoppers inside and if the interior of your practice follows through with the holiday theme, you might just gain a new patient. It’s amazing how far a prettily painted outdoor sandwich board can go this time of year.

Holiday decorations double as social media props too—designer frames nestled in boughs of holly or sitting atop a glittery gift box make for attractive imagery.


Giving & Gaining

It’s been a challenging year for many people. Holiday food drives are a great way to give back and to position your practice as a community leader.

Young professionals love to know that the business they’re supporting shares their values, so doing a good deed can have a big impact, both on the community and on your business.

Offering a small discount on new eyewear for a few non-perishable food items can bring people in the door. Engage your staff in the effort too. Have them promote the food drive on their own social media channels and watch the food—and the customers—come in.


Themed eBlasts

Put some pizazz into your patients’ inboxes this holiday season. Your practice’s voice can really come through when you have a little fun with email.

Not only do end-of-season emails remind patients that they should book their annual exam if they haven’t already, but holiday greetings help them think of you year-round.

Make your emails stand out from the dozens your patients are sure to receive by including beautiful images. A fun holiday photo card featuring your staff will remind patients that supporting a local store has a significant impact on real people.

Don’t forget to thank patients for their business. Gratitude as an advertising strategy is smart marketing.


New Year, New You

On New Year’s Eve, style is paramount and people are looking to see and be seen. Eyewear aficionados will be on the hunt for something stunning to step out in (or virtually if the times dictate that).

Be sure to showcase your finest frames on Instagram. Carousel posts are perfect for showing off how a particular pair will look on multiple face shapes. You can also use this feature to match the frames to various outfits. Show your customers how eyewear will look with jeans and a T-shirt, a suit and tie, or something funky and daring.

Even for those who don’t hit the town on New Year’s Eve, this time of year is when people start thinking about making changes to their normal routine. It’s a great time to display more modern eyewear.

Let patients know that your opticians are fashion experts. Private styling sessions with your talented team will help patients find a new look as they head into a new year.


Sell Some Sunglasses

When it’s cold out and the snow is blowing, you might assume that people are thinking of anything but sunglasses. But that’s not the case!

Winter is when many people set their sights on a sunny destination. Make sure your patients aren’t grabbing cheap supermarket sunglasses on the way to the airport by letting them know quality eyewear is a vacation must-have.

Sunglasses also make great gifts. Position your practice as a go-to for designer pairs, even for people who don’t need vision correction.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It might be tempting to close the office around the holidays, but there are plenty of opportunities available if you’re willing to stay open. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to meet some fresh faces and re-connect with long-standing patients.