It may be summer, but eyewear companies are set to launch their back-to-school collections. So before the bell rings, we’ve done our homework to share a few of the top children’s eyewear brands, in both frames and sunglasses, that passed the test and made the grade.
GEEK Eyewear has been on the forefront of a revolution of cool that is changing the appeal of eyewear.
Company founder Alena Lehrer understands her brand and her customers.
“Kids and teens are getting the message: wearing eyewear is fun,”
Lehrer said. “Kids today are begging their parents to get them a pair of ready-to-wear fashion eyewear, and a look that is hot.”
Lehrer understands that younger patients with unique vision challenges want style, while parents want to invest in a product that offers comfort and a proper fit. GEEK Eyewear strives to blend it all together, by creating collections that are as versatile as the wearers. From
children to teens, GEEK Eyewear remains on-trend.
“Parents continue to support the trend away from metal and towards plastic frames. The perception is that plastic frames are more durable and a better choice for active kids and teens,” she explains. “Today’s kids know what they want. To balance their parent’s wish for a well-fitting, durable frame with the holy grail of “hot”, today’s eyewear market for young people is turning to hand-painted frames, and styles with strong pops of colour.”
Melding classic shapes with vibrant shades, GEEK Eyewear has a pantone that ranges from punch greens and radiant orchid to tangy mandarins fluorescent yellows, to name a few.
“Today’s teens are showing up wearing the same modified cat eyes they see teen stars wearing on TV … getting their cues from fashion bloggers their age that have over a half-million teens following them. These celebrity bloggers are recommending GEEK Eyewear in square and geometric shapes, such as GEEK Eyewear model Mentor, Lehrer said. “ Also, wearing oversized glasses is hot.”

Tween Fashion
Marcolin USA/Viva knows bold brands are tween and kid-friendly.If it’s cool for adults, the tweens want it to, according to Jennifer Wright, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Marcolin USA/Viva. Tweens in particular want a sophisticated look with a youthful feel.
“We are taking inspiration from the GUESS adult eyewear collection and putting a spin on it for tweens. We are seeing that tweens are very inspired by the looks they see on their parents and celebrities,”
Wright said. “A lot of the same trends in the adult collection are carried into the tween line. For example, matte and rubberized details
are a significant trend in the Tween Boy’s Collection.” “For girls we used a fun and bright animal print colour palette which is a staple GUESS look. The Guess Tween Girl also likes a bit more detail and hardware so we played up the treatments on the temples and logo,” Wright added.
The company also extended their sizing to a 49 eye size option, to broaden their customer reach. Wright says, “The Guess Tween collection offers eyewear that is in line with what is trending in the accessories world which will satisfy the needs of the tween, but also retails
at a very reasonable price point, which makes the parent purchasing the frame confident the eyewear won’t break the bank.”
Marcolin USA/Viva is also the maker of the successful line of Harley-Davidson Eyewear. Wright notes that for the youth market, the brand has equal appeal to that of the adult consumer.
Let’s face it; Harley-Davidson is cool and iconic.She points to details such as the HD Skull graphics that have been known to raise the eyebrows of parents and school administrators, saying somehow that rebellious logo continues to outsell all other HD logos, which she suggests is due to the cool-factor.
“A tween or teen can still be “stylish” even though they have to wear glasses,” Wright said. “We keep the logos and the graphics cool.”
Constructed with memory metal with spring hinges and rubberized logo accents in fun colours or a special stone-washed colour finish on some styles, the concept is to stay true to the Harley-Davidson brand, a rebellious expression of freedom and style, regardless of age.
Superflex Kids are Super FunThe name says it all. Beverly Suliteanu, Vice President of Product Development for WestGroupe, knows that children and parents alike want fun, function and flexibility in the eyewear they buy, so that the children will want to wear it. She has designed the Superflex Kids line accordingly.
“We have always approached the design of Superflex kids from both the parent and child’s point of view,” Suliteanu said, noting that acetate
frames in retro styles continue to be popular with both audiences., offering a laid-back yet sporty feel.
“We try and create fun, cool eyewear that kids want to wear but focus as much time on the quality, fit, comfort and durability of the frame.”
Suliteanu says colour is the most dominate trend.
“For the boys, blue takes centre stage as a core colour, alongside of grey, black and brown,” she said, adding, “Accents colours for boys
are what have really changed this year. Bright hues such as red, orange, white and bright blues are being used as secondary colours giving the styles a sporty, fun look.”
Bold and vibrant is key for the girl’s selection. “Turquoise continues to be a hot colour for girls, as well as a myriad of rainbow bright colours including pink, purple, and green. “Optika celebrates Soho Kidz Optika is launching a brand new collection for children’s eyewear in
SOHO Kidz.Richard Allan, Vice President of Sales for Optika Eyewear says this collection offers a quality selection of eyewear that is affordable.
“Our SOHO Kids collection definitely meets that requirement, by offering a beautiful product at a very competitive price,” allan said, noting the collection features super light-weight stainless steel frames, offering comfort and strong durability. “As always parents are looking for something solid that will survive kids usage of glasses.”
Acetate frames with laser cut-outs on the temples in vivid colours are also on-trend. Allan knows the emphasis for his young customers has to be on colour.
“This season wis all about making an impact and our collection is really focusing on rich reds, dark purples and exciting green tones of colour.”