By Denis Langlois

The decade known for bell-bottoms, platform shoes, lava lamps and sideburns also sparked many “far out” eyewear trends that are back in fashion today.

On the heels of an era in which most eyewear was bland, boring and uninspiring, the 1970s introduced big, bold, funky and fun glasses and shades that redefined the industry.

Hot styles ranged from oversized square frames to glamorous butterfly sunglasses to statement aviator shades. Coloured acetates were also in-demand, along with tinted lenses.

And these daring eyewear styles, which can make anybody stand out in the crowd, are popular once again, with multiple optical companies adding frames and sunglasses inspired by the groovy ‘70s to their collections.

Here are some modern takes on ‘70s styles that are giving us good vibes.