Since 1959, the Varilux® brand has been a cutting-edge innovation in its own right and continues to evolve, further improving the lives of presbyopes. This success can be credited to decades of customer-focused innovation, research & development, and collaboration that Essilor Group continues to focus on.

On November 10th – 8 pm HNE, the Essilor Vision Care Center is excited to welcome its first-ever global digital event designed to explore the new horizons in presbyopia, hosted by Dr. Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, President & CEO of the New England College of Optometry (USA).

Through breakout and plenary sessions, Essilor R&D representatives and renowned experts from around the world will share the cutting-edge scientific developments in presbyopia correction. They will also provide Varilux wearers’ feedback coming from research studies and present the latest consumer insights and peers’ best practices.

10,000+ industry professionals – prescribers, opticians, dispensers and students – are expected from around the world at the Essilor Vision Care Center, a virtual place that combines the latest information and innovations in vision care, for a powerful and memorable experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Varilux Summit and be part of the continuous improvement of the lives of presbyopes around the world.

To register, eyecare professionals can connect click here.

or contact their Essilor Business Consultant.

Watch the video to introduce the Essilor Vision Care Center and the Varilux Summit here.