By Denis Langlois

Along with twinkling lights, snow-covered pine trees and bustling shopping malls, a harbinger of the holiday season is shimmering glitter.

It can be spotted on ribbons and bows, wrapping paper, ornamental snow, decorations and much more.

Another place where glitter can be found is on eyewear.

Its presence can give any style or colour of frames a pop of pizzazz.

Glitter reflects light like few other details can, putting on a subtle sparkling show under the sun’s rays or bright interior lighting.

Eyewear companies have incorporated glitter between layers of acetate, along frame brows and across temples. Some frames contain glitter in more confined areas, like between a pair of jewels on temples or within acetate end pieces.

Donning a pair of glittery frames over the holidays is a great way to get into the festive season.

Here are some frames that will add a bit of twinkle to this holiday season.

  1. Kliik K-643 by WestGroupe.
  1. Leeanne by Spectacle Eyeworks.
  1. X-IDE Tribal.
  1. Jimmy Choo Tonies by Safilo.
  1. Kensie Girl Flare by Kenmark Eyewear.
  1. Glacee GL6916 by Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear.
  1. Victoria’s Secret Eyewear VS5014 by Marcolin.