The CNIB Foundation is honoured to announce that Georgian has responded to the urgent need for guide dogs in Canada caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by sponsoring a dog for its entire working life.

With a strong sense of social responsibility to the community, Georgian and its employees nominate and vote on charitable organizations they’d like to support each year. CNIB Guide Dogs is delighted to have been a chosen as a recipient in 2021.

Since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place last year, CNIB Guide Dogs has seen a 375 per cent increase in interest and application for dogs. Travel restrictions have halted access to guide dogs from the United States, so Canadians who would normally travel to an American guide dog facility are no longer able to do so.

People with sight loss who have received guide dogs say the experience is nothing short of life-changing. With a guide dog by their side, a Canadian who is blind or partially sighted can safely and confidently navigate the world – whether that means going to the grocery store to get essentials, travelling to and from work, or visiting family and friends when it’s safe to do so.

Thank you, Georgian, for opening doors to mobility and confidence through the life-changing gift of a guide dog.