For outdoor enthusiasts, it doesn’t matter how much money they spend on all that fancy gear this winter.

If they don’t have the right sunglasses or goggles to perfectly complement their prescription, they might as well just stay at home.

Many new eyewear products have recently launched in the Canadian marketplace that were designed with avid skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, hikers, runners or adventurists in mind.

For the first time, Smith’s 4D Mag goggles are introducing “BirdsEye Vision,” a new lens shape that actually extends and curves below the sightline.

The benefits are explained by Graham Sours, category director at Smith.

“By reducing peripheral distraction, the 4D MAG allows you to see more of what is around you, so you can do more, anywhere on the mountain. They also include ChromaPop lens technology to amplify detail and enhance natural colour and helmet compatibility,” says Sours. 

For the slopes to the streets, Smith also offers the Pinpoint and Uproar models, designed for runners whether they are tackling five-kilometre or 500-mile pursuits.

The urban-styled designs are both constructed with lightweight yet durable injection-molded Evolve bio-based frame materials.

“It’s a proprietary eco-conscious alternative to help reduce the use of petroleum in eyewear manufacturing,” says Mark McCann, Smith’s eyewear category manager for sunglasses.

“Evolve frames are lightweight and durable, while offering flexibility, high elasticity, remarkable toughness and excellent chemical resistance.”

The Pinpoint and Uproar both feature interchangeable nose pads and a saddle bridge that is designed to sit comfortably yet elevated from the face to reduce bounce while running and promote airflow to minimize fogging.

At Bollé Brands, René Gerber, senior marketing manager – North America, says polarized lenses are just as important in winter as in summer months.

“Glare from snow, ice or water on the pavement can be blinding, especially when driving. Polarized lenses also relieve eye fatigue and impeded vision by eliminating all four types of glare: distracting, discomforting, disabling and blinding,” says Gerber.

This winter, Bollé is offering the Holman Floatable, which combines sport design with a lifestyle shape. Lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon delivers great comfort and fit.

The Cobalt, meanwhile, merges true mountain heritage with a modern shape. This style includes removable injected side shields and a bold style.

A&M Capital Europe, which acquired Bollé Brands in August 2018, also announced it has acquired the SPY Optic brand, which designs, markets and distributes premium sunglasses, goggles, helmets and prescription eyewear.

The SPY Optic brand, symbolized by the distinct “cross” logo, has a strong brand awareness in its action sports segment, with a reputation for high-quality products, style, and innovation, most notably showcased in its Happy Lens technology.

“Our dedicated approach, support and investment will drive exciting new developments in product innovation and design, which will form the basis of considerable global growth. This new acquisition establishes Bollé Brands as one of the key players in the premium performance sport and lifestyle eyewear and helmets markets,” said Peter Smith, CEO of Bollé Brands.

At Oakley, the company’s eyewear designers want to help all athletes master the mountains this winter as it expands its Line series of goggles with the XL and XM models.

Erin Byrnes, brand director for Oakley in North America, explains how Prizm Lens Technology will give skiers and boarders a serious edge on the slopes. 

“They are designed to maximize contrast and enhance visibility over a wide range of snow and lighting conditions,” she says. 

The fall Line goggles feature a cylindrical style and rimless design, engineered to create a wide field of view. And they are prescription eyewear compatible. Discrete frame notches at the temples provide compatibility with most prescription eyewear.

“Changing lenses is quick and easy with our Ridgelock Technology,” explains Byrnes. “But it still allows for a complete lens seal to prevent harsh conditions from penetrating into your goggles.”

At Marchon, its Dragon Eyewear brand has launched a new premium XP Cross-Performance sunglass collection, which features six styles designed for adventure, discovery and exploring the unknown.

The XP Cross-Performance line spans three sub-categories – Terra, Hydra and Glacia – to provide optimal functionality with features that adjust to demanding outdoor conditions, creating a customized experience on land, water or snow.

The Glacia category is purpose-built for those who push their limits touring, hiking and exploring the backcountry, serving as the perfect companion to keep them prepared for the changing environments and challenges they will face on their journey.

The Excursion X and Latitude X sunglasses come equipped with removable sun shields for blocking harsh UV light associated with high-altitude, while the detachable leash and interchangeable cable temples allow for added security and comfort.

These styles are available in lens tints that are best for snow-based activities, whether it’s a sunny bluebird day or cloudy conditions. These styles are also designed with injected plant-based resin, rendering these frames as eco-friendly.

Zeal Optics has a trio of new sunglasses that are bound to be popular with outdoor enthusiasts this winter. 

“We strive to make every Zeal Optics frame compatible with your prescription and your lifestyle,” says Zeal’s director of marketing, Mike Lewis. 

Boone is a light and airy style from Zeal that can keep up no matter where the day takes you. The four-base curvature frame is equipped with ProFlex rubber providing a soft and comfortable hold.

Durango is strong and adventure-ready. With a wider fit, the low-profile sunglasses are perfect for taking in mountain or ocean vistas with a huge field of vision.

And for lightweight lovers, the Campo is your go-to because it weighs in at under one ounce.

Offering all-day comfort on or off the beaten path, this square-like frame is enhanced by a six-base curvature and ProFlex rubber on the nose and temples. 

Lewis is quick to tout Zeal’s goggle offering for this winter as well. 

“Zeal Optics has a universal prescription insert that fits securely inside any Zeal Optics goggle frame. This keeps your prescription in place and optically aligned so you can hit the slopes in our Optimum, Polarized or Automatic+ lenses built for all conditions,” says Lewis. 

The Portal XL is Zeal Optics’ new rimless frame design with unsurpassed peripheral vision, upper and lower ventilation, and a triple layer face foam. Portal XL is equipped with Zeal Optics revolutionary Rail Lock System that allows you to guide, slide, and lock your goggle lens in place anywhere on the mountains.