WestGroupe has announced the launch of the brand new FYSH UK advertising campaign.

Shot on location in Montreal, Quebec, the new campaign revolves around the central theme of “The future belongs to the originals.”

The new campaign’s extraordinary visuals highlight the sophisticated mood of a collection dedicated to fashionable and confident women who embrace their own spirit through a refined style.

The alluring charm of the new visuals – featuring both optical frames and the new FYSH UK sunglass collection recently launched by WestGroupe – mirror the elegance and the fascination of the new eyewear proposals.

Each style is an explosion of bold colours, intricate patterns and polished design details that take inspiration from the latest fashion trends and, at the same time, reflect and emphasize the individuality and the intrinsic grace of the woman who wears it.

Depicted in real-life situations, women of the new FYSH UK campaign become stylish heroines of their own daily life: no matter if they are going to work or reading a book at home, these women always look elegant, sexy, authentic and unique with their FYSH UK frames.

The new campaign was first unveiled at MIDO for the European, Asian, African and Australian markets, and will debut at Vision Expo East for the North and South American markets.

“We are exceptionally proud of the new FYSH UK campaign,” says WestGroupe Vice President of Product Development, Beverly Suliteanu. “Captured in the imagery is a sincere ‘joie de vivre’ felt by the entire production crew and the WestGroupe team.”