FYidoctors, the world’s largest optometrist-controlled eye care company, announced today it has acquired Aesthetic Medical Network Inc. (“AMNI”), a network comprised of Canada’s leading aesthetic medicine doctors.

“This new strategic partnership will help shape the future of aesthetic medicine in Canada,” said Stuart Fowler, Co-Founder of AMNI. “We are happy to have found a partner in FYidoctors that holds a proven track record in providing exceptional value for both doctors and patients. Working with FYidoctors will help AMNI further its commitment to delivering the best in aesthetic medicine and elevating the experience of its members.”

“Despite the climate, demand for aesthetic medicine continues to grow and through this exciting new partnership with AMNI we are uniquely positioned to continue providing excellence in patient care,” said Dr. Jason McWhirter, VP and Chief Medical Officer of FYidoctors’ Medical Aesthetics Division. “As FYidoctors’ investment grows within the industry, we look forward to complementing the AMNI members’ in-depth experience and knowledge with our track record of back-office expertise and increased buying power.”

Through its network of recognized experts and focus on ethics and patient safety, over the years AMNI has demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest standard in aesthetic medicine, and taken a doctor-led, patient-centric approach in the field.

Through the new partnership, AMNI will have the opportunity to further position the network and its members as the leading experts in the Canadian medical aesthetics space. The network will be able to fuel future expansion plans, funding further market development and practice support initiatives.