By Jody Johnson-Pettit & Denis Langlois

Eyewear companies are having fun with fashion this fall.

Metal frames, vintage shapes and lightweight designs are reigning high this season for both men and women.

Toronto-based Spectacle Eyeworks has introduced a posh posse of eight stainless steel newcomers to their house collection.

Together, the new additions embody a sense of cultivated creativity, yet the soul of each style is a diverse and distinct character that shines through, says Mehran Baghaie, operations director and chief designer at Spectacle Eyeworks.

“I wanted to explore designing a group of individual yet collective styles that are classically refined, but exude energy, attitude and their own point of view,” he says.

From the alluring cat-eye motif of Shandeh and Nasia, the gentlemanly elegance of David, to the feminine aviator cut of Matiar and the clean, angular, round shape of Maayan, this crew is as diverse as they are inviting.

In addition to solid colour options, all eight new designs are available in three graduated colour combination choices including salmon to pink, pink to purple and light green to dark green.

Retro is also popular at Spectacle Eyeworks, which has added four new frames to their RETRO line, a collection of cool, confident designs with current old-school style.

“I wanted to bring a fresh approach to the geek-chic look and design smaller, sleek shapes while playing with more transparent colours, creating what I like to call passive hip chic,” says Baghaie.

Adding to the hip and debonair flair of the new designs is the sparked acetate. Paired with the more spirited colour options, the result is a dynamic look that will keep the swagger in step.

Each new addition, namely Scott, Brian, Shawney and Javier, is available in seven colours including a topaz, emerald and classic black and white and transparent acetates.



Alternative and Plan “B” Eyewear is seeing a focus on interesting shapes, eye-wires and colours this season.

“Shiny is definitely making a comeback, along with a focus on metal, with oversized being the go-to,” says Cassandra Slepian, marketing manager.

Plan “B” Eyewear has added seven new metal models to its sophisticated and fashion-focused Glacée collection, including three rounds, one aviator and three takes on the flattering cat-eye shape.

“Our GL6917 and GL6920 use a really cool eye wire that looks like twisted rope, giving it shine and dimension, while still offering a clean, minimalist look. GL6918 features an aviator with a very strong double-brow bar, so taking a retro shape and making it modern, cool and unique in a new way.”

Meanwhile, GL6921 offers a bold round look, featuring a vintage-inspired drop temple and a balance between matte colour and shiny metal.

“Rose gold, black, shiny gold and shiny colours such as purple and red are definitely in right now,” says Slepian.

“Retro features are definitely making a come back, with oversized rounds and butterfly shapes, a very ‘70s-’80s influence.”



For the fall season, Ogi is noticing a trend in the use of combination materials in both men’s and women’s eyewear.

“Whether that is the marriage of metals and acetates or the reinvention of vintage styles being pulled into the forefront of design,” says Alec Norem, content creator at Ogi Eyewear.

The Red Rose Anzio revitalizes a classic P3 shape, with a blend of TR90 and stainless steel and is available in black, misty grey, sheer crystal and olive.

The Prato is an updated spin on the semi-rimless design with stainless steel and TR90 in jaded black, tortoise, navy demi and crimson/black.

The Velletri is a basic aviator shape that has been reworked and reshaped with added pops of personality. A double bar pulls out the retro ‘80s inspirations, while TR90 works to bring eye-catching contrast points throughout the rim.

“Concerning shape, Ogi has graduated to the more abstract, flirting with many different geometric patterns,” says Norem. “Colours seem to evolve as well, with natural tones being a prominent factor as these hues compliment each face.”



Ultra-thin and light eyewear is the trend at WestGroupe this season.

“Minimalistic design with slim profiles is in high demand as consumers look for ‘less is more’ styling,” says Beverly Suliteanu, vice-president of product development. “Coupled with lightweight materials that float on the face, this look makes for easy, all-day wearing.”

FYSH styles F-3639 and F-3640 are made with ultra-thin titanium and the minimalistic styling is ramped up with a top lens semi-rimless construction and two-tone colouring.

Classic shapes are modernized with severe angles, as seen in KLiiK denmark style K-658 is an oval shape re-designed with angular corners to create a structural geometric shape.

“Calling attention upwards to the brow bar has been an enduring trend that continues to grow in popularity,” says Suliteanu.

“Popular with both men and women, the double bar adds a point of interest particularly for minimalistic designs and thin frame profiles.”

Navigator, aviator and round have become popular shapes for consumers of all ages.

EVATIK style E-9190 is a combination frame in handmade, thin acetate with a stainless steel frame on the top edge that also completes the double-bar design.

KLiiK denmark styles K-660, the navigator, and K-661, the aviator, “are the epitome of the doubles – double the rim, double the bar, double the colour – double the fun!”



For the fall and winter season, the SAFILO eyewear collection is enriched with new sophisticated optical frames.

The new men’s optical frames convey a classic design reinterpreted with contemporary details and modern touches.

Model CALIBRO 03 is a rounded optical frame made of acetate and titanium. Model REGISTRO 03 is a soft squared masculine frame made with titanium, the perfect material for light and durable eyeglasses. It is available in black/gold, bronze, black/ruthenium, and palladium/gold.

Dedicated to independent, confident and urban women, model LINEA 07 is a feminine optical frame in lightweight metal with a thin metal rim for maximum lightness. The new ultra-light integrated hinge guarantees a linear and lightweight design.

Fall 2019 is the season of soft glamour and eclectic decadence from the new Kate Spade New York eyewear collection, produced and distributed by Safilo Group.

The Jordana model is a square-shaped optical frame offered in dedicated spade pattern acetates and is available in blue, pink, Havana and black. Meanwhile, the Maci is a deep square-shaped optical frame in lightweight acetate.

Gabriella is a round-shaped lightweight metal optical frame with acetate temple tips and is available in gold/black and rose gold/Havana.



True to Bollé heritage, the hybrid Cobalt style takes inspiration from vintage mountaineering sunglasses, while offering a modern look.

For the ultimate protection in extreme mountain conditions, Cobalt has removable side shields.

This style, coupled with the new Bollé Phantom lens that is made with NXT material, has photochromic technology and a high-contrast filter for improved colour and depth perception, makes this the perfect sunglass for this fall season.

New from Serengeti, meanwhile, is the on-trend Raffaele design, which boasts a round vintage shape that offers timeless and refined elegance.

All Serengeti sunglasses have gradually adjusting photochromic technology, naturally colour-enhancing Spectral Control filters and a polarized lens option for cutting glare.

Because of this advanced lens technology, Serengeti sunglasses can be worn in any weather condition and are the ideal choice for overcast fall conditions.