By Jody Johnson-Pettit

Frames in bright colours and soft shapes and that echo those worn by mom and dad are popular among children this season.

Eyewear companies have many options for Canadian kids who want to update their look.
Ogi Eyewear says it is noticing the spill-over of adult styles into children’s frames.

“For kids searching for a look that reflects their grown-up role models, the OK339 is just for them, filled with more neutral colours that pull forth a sense of playfulness to any wearer,” says Alec Norem, digital copywriter at Ogi.

The OK339 is a softer, round shape with keyhole bridge that adds to the comfort and aesthetic of the frame.

Model OK323, a new addition to the Ogi Kids Mommy & Me Collection, is a miniature version of the Ogi 4311 from the Evolution Collection. Handcrafted from sturdy stainless steel and triple-layered acetate, this frame is designed in a flattering feminine shape.


“We’re so in love with a few of our colour schemes,” says Norem. “The OK323 and OK338 offer vibrant pops of pastel hues with the little details, such as handcrafted horned adornments or printed patterns.”

The OK338 is a unique little cat-eye frame with charming hues that pop.

Safilo also has a variety of fun and functional frames for kids of all ages.

The Kids by Safilo collection offers new colours, details and comfort features.

The frames are flexible and lightweight, with softly rounded profiles and integrated hinges to prevent injuries in case of impact. The styles dedicated to children from three to eight years offer translucent fronts combined with solid temples and come in bright, colourful patterns.

Style SA 0003/N is a soft rectangular shape for four to six-year-olds. It is available in new tones of transparent blues with temples in a striped pattern. To complement the optical frame, a dedicated clip-on sun-cover is offered in blue with polarized gray lenses.

Style SA 0004/N is a rounded silhouette and is available in transparent purple or pink with a star pattern. For older children, Style SA 0005/N and SA 0007 are square-shaped frames for seven to eight-year-olds.

Juicy Couture by Safilo is launching this summer its Teen Eyewear by Juicy Couture collection, aimed at style-seeking girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Juicy Couture JU 302

Infusing a fun, teen-friendly perspective into the shapes as well as colours and prints specific to the DNA of the Juicy Couture brand, the collection is colourful, bold and expressive.

Four wearable shapes comprise the launch collection, which are based on two best-selling Juicy Couture women’s styles and two Juicy Couture girl’s styles that have been sized accordingly to meet the needs and tastes of this discerning customer.

POLAROID is also presenting a spring/summer eyewear collection dedicated to kids, which introduces new playful sunglasses with their colourful and comfortable shapes offered in a wide range of lively colours.

The new eyewear features a contemporary touch in super-lightweight metal or plastic shapes, emphasized by multiple colour combinations, conveying an eye-catching look.

Styles like the butterfly sunglasses PLD 8032/S for girls and PLD 8034/S aviator sunglasses for boys are dedicated for kids aged eight to 12, while models like PLD 8035/S and PLD 8036/S are marketed for children from age four to seven.

Carerra, also a Safilo brand, is introducing a new eyewear collection for spring/summer 2019 dedicated to teenagers aged 12 to 16.

Carerra 2016/TS

Easy-to-wear and never banal, CARRERA sunglasses and optical frames for teens are designed and dedicated to Generation-Z. All the models are shaped to meet the personality of boys and girls who wear them to stand out from the crowd, enhancing their character and attitude.

Shapes that suit young faces without neglecting the styles that mimic mom and dad’s eyewear are on tap in the new GUESS kids collection from Marcolin Eyewear.

Five fun and trendy frames are on offer for children between the ages of six and 10.

For girls, Style GU9181 is an acetate square shape offered in a variety of colours mixed with sparkling glitter, while model GU9182 is a round acetate frame.

Guess GU9184

For boys, GU9183 offers a round frame front and integrated hinges, while GU9184 is a rectangular-shaped frame. Model GU9185 boasts a combination of an acetate cat-eye frame front and metal temples.

Marcolin has also introduced three new frames for boys and three new styles for girls from its Skechers Eyewear spring/summer 2019 collection.

Skechers SE1639

The new, fun collection features brand-driven designs with trendy elements and popular shapes that will appeal to today’s kids and tweens. Bright colourations and expressive graphics decorate each style, capturing the sport-inspired lifestyle of the brand’s DNA.

Easy-to-wear, fashionable looks, including triple-colour striping, floral accents and polka dot detailing as well as sporty and youthful temple treatments, deliver the perfect combination of fun and style.

Centennial Optical is working towards environmentally friendly frames for children.

“We are developing a line of kids’ plastic using eco-friendly materials in our Beaver Canoe collection,” says Linda Mulford-Hum, director of product development at Centennial Optical.

“This plastic material was developed from recycled waste plastic. Unfortunately, there is typically a lot of waste material in handmade plastics that are not made from ECO plastic.”

New technology for children’s frames is also on the way from Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear.

“The new Nano Finder coming down the pipeline is a revolutionary new product that uses sigfox technology in the temple tips to provide location finder information via an app,” says Cassandra Slepian, marketing manager.

“Lose your glasses? Check the app. Wondering where your child is playing at the park? Check the app! It is still in its prototype stage, but it is the next level coming in children’s eyewear, courtesy of Nano Vista.”

Nano Vista Replay

Ensuring proper size and fit are crucial, so Nano Vista has added completely customized frames to its children’s line. Nano Vista Custom Fit offers an exclusive Adaptable Kit that features different size variations within its eye shapes, temples, bridges and straps to create the perfect fit for the most challenging patients.

“Kids want colour, fun and often have their own sense of identity and style. The styles that are most popular are our Game Over, Crew and Replay & Camper models,” says Slepian.

“They have very good eye sizes and shapes, are a good fit, and come in a vast selection of lovely colours.”

Bold colours and geometric patterns take centre stage with 15 new SuperFlex kids’ models from WestGroupe.

“The frames are available in both acetate and stainless steel, but with a heavier focus on acetate due to the continued strong popularity of plastic in the kids’ segment,” says Beverly Suliteanu, vice-president of product development at WestGroupe. “Eye shapes are mixed and include rounds, oversized squares and softened rectangles.

“For the girls, translucent acetate figures prominently with tones of blush, blue, sand and purple providing a soft, feminine look in comparison to the patterned and gradient tones also included in the collection,” Suliteanu added. “We have also incorporated sparkle in some of the girls’ models.”

Highlights include SFK 212, which pairs soft, translucent acetate with matching opaque custom-patterned temples. SFK 215 is a stainless steel acetate combination frame that couples a laser-cut, two-tone front with a tie-dye inspired patterned temple.

“For the boys, the look is cool and sporty with fun accent colors like orange, red, indigo and green offset against neutral base tones,” says Suliteanu.

SuperFlex Kids SFK 209

Highlights for boys include model SFK 209, a round metal combination frame with a sporty, three-layered acetate temple. Model SFK 221 is an acetate rectangular frame with sporty colours that will appeal to boys of all ages.

“All Superflex Kids models come with spring hinges for increased flexibility and durability, so that kids can be their exuberant selves without the fear of damaging their eyewear,” says Suliteanu.