By Denis Langlois

SPEX By Ryan is an optical shop located on the edge of Regina’s trendy Cathedral Village; the creativity hub of Saskatchewan’s capital city.

The business was opened in January 2015 by licenced optician Ryan Horne, who had spent 22 years in two optometric practises.

As Horne puts it, the classic two-storey character brick building that SPEX by Ryan is housed in “complements the eclectic interior decor which features artwork, graffiti and custom cabinetry.”

“It is a place where people can browse and be consulted in a relaxed, creative environment,” he says.

In this installment of Framed, Horne discusses his business and what’s in store for SPEX by Ryan.

Q. Tell us about the clientele at SPEX by Ryan.

A. SPEX By Ryan’s clientele is as varied as its selection. All ages and all walks of life make up for an enthusiastic array of eyewear enthusiasts. The most rewarding and exciting times are when new clientele are introduced and converted to the world of independent eyewear. SPEX By Ryan caters to those seeking unique eyewear that is not mass produced and available in every store or online. It is also very important to have the correct optics and products suggested and dispensed to fulfill their optical needs. At SPEX BY Ryan, an Rx is just the start of what could be many life-changing solutions for its clients. Ideas are not limited to the norm- SPEX looks for ways to use that Rx in the most effective and efficient manners.

Q. What brands are available at your shop?

A. SPEX Carries many of the world’s most renowned and celebrated independent eyewear collections. Some of the brands include Andy Wolf, Barton Pereira, Matsuda, Thierry Lasry, Theo, Ahlem, Orgreen, Vinylize, Dita, Shamballa, Rapp and many more. The most in-demand styles are definitely the classics, as they are the most wearable in most situations. Many people are choosing multiple pairs to add colour, geometry and variety to their eyewear wardrobes.

Q. What are some of the benefits of operating an independent eyewear shop?

A. As an independent store, SPEX By Ryan has the freedom to market and operate however it feels necessary. It carries the brands it wants, without pressures from corporate suits or doctors who feel they are fashion experts. It makes for a much more fun and whimsical environment and attitude. SPEX will let the chains and many doctor’s offices and retailers keep up the stuffy side.

Q. What does the future hold for SPEX?

A. SPEX will continue to roll along, bringing the coolest art for your face, with pop-up shops and runs shows from time to time, before eventually expanding to more locations in other centres that are lacking the SPEX vibe.

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