By Denis Langlois

Todd Crichton says offering quality over quantity was the motivation behind opening Spectus Eyewear in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, B.C.

“That pivotal decision to embrace quality in frame and creating innovative lens solutions for a specific client is the reason why Spectus is still thriving and growing today,” he says.

“The passion for high-quality, beautiful frames and the finest lens choices is shared by the entire staff.”

Crichton created Spectus Eyewear in 1994 after recognizing “a niche in Vancouver’s quality frame selection being unfulfilled.” He had been a founding partner in English Bay Eyecare on Denman Street in the early ‘90s before opening his shop.

“With multiple shops opening on Denman and competing with a distinctly Asian model based on volume and price, my path forward was clear. Quality, not quantity, would be my motivation,” he says.

Recently, Crichton took some time to discuss his business with Optical Prism.

Q. Tell us about the team at Spectus Eyewear.

A. Team members are a diverse and eclectic bunch whose education and experience transcend the usual employee descriptions. Biochemistry, physiology, teaching, jewelry, goldsmiths, are some of the formal educational experiences as well as the related industry licences of refracting optician, contact lens specialist and optician. Accuracy, precision and details are emphasized throughout the customer experience as a result of the educational scientific backgrounds of key employees.

Currently we are welcoming our ninth employee to the team. She was recruited from outside industry with super client service and friendly, warm and caring attributes being the key.

Q. What are the primary brand names your store features?

A. Lindberg, Lunor, Matsuda, Shamballa, Orgreen and Face a Face are just a few of the quality luxury brands that provide value for me and my clients.

Q. What kind of marketing tools do you use?

A. Social media campaign is sole-sourced with optical industry experience and directed across multiple platforms including website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Yelp.

Q. Are there any changes or plans for the future for the store?

A. The shop is undergoing a facelift that replaces the front window glass and trim with larger and brighter view access to the stunning new Lindberg shop-in-shop area and new bright eco-friendly signage. Increasing the sunglass cabinetry to emphasize the Spectus brand rather than the branded individual commercial cases currently being used will enhance the uniqueness of our Spectus-curated collection, not the product as a commodity.