By Denis Langlois

Sara Moshurchak is one of only three women in the world who is personally handcrafting eyeglass frames.

Owner of the recently renamed MOSH Framemakers, Moshurchak designs one-of-a-kind custom eyewear and cuts, files, sands, drills and finishes each frame by hand in the company’s 1,200-square-foot space in Vancouver, B.C.

Along with selling pieces from the company’s entirely hand-made MOSHdesigns eyewear line, the shop also carries a selection of frames from companies like Etnia Barcelona and Lindberg as well as styles from various private collections.

Moshurchak, who was born in Regina, Sask., started working at Eyeland Framemakers on Granville Island in 2001 after taking the optical program at Douglas College. She became owner of the business seven years later, following the retirement of founder and eyewear designer Klaus Sebok.

The store recently moved to the Gastown area of Vancouver.

Recently, Moshurchak took some time out of her busy day to chat with Optical Prism magazine about her unique Canadian business.

Q. Please tell us about your optical business.

A. MOSH Framemakers creates hand-crafted, artisanal, bespoke eyeglass frames.

Sara works with a small team that includes her apprentice, Dana Dempsey, who is also an optician and frame magician, and Belen Garcia, who is her marketing manager and facilitator of fun.

Q. What kind of clientele does your store service?

A. Creative professionals and people who want something different than their peer group.

Q. What kind of marketing tools do you use?

A. All the usual suspects, but we find the most relevant for us is Instagram.

Q. What are some of the benefits of operating an independent outlet?

A. The freedom to do as my heart desires. My ideas are only limited by my creativity.

Q. Are there any changes or plans for the future for your business?

A. You bet! We just completed a major change – a rebrand and renovation. After 20 years as Eyeland, we have evolved into MOSH which is a play on my last name and has been my nickname since high school.

Our new brand focuses on the most exciting part of our business: creating things that are one-of-a-kind, just like you.

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