By Denis Langlois

Olga Trentin says one of the keys to her optical boutique’s success is that she is always honest with her customers.

The owner of Eyewear by Olga in Port Credit, part of Mississauga, Ont., said she only upsells if the client really needs the product and always gives her honest opinion when they’re trying on frames.

I’ll tell them off the bat if something doesn’t look good and they laugh most of the time because I’m brutally honest but that’s what makes them like me,” she says. “I also never try to close the sale if I sense that they are unsure because then they may have regrets with the purchase and not come back in the future. I always tell them to sleep on it and come back. Most people do and are happy they did. The ones that don’t simply did not really want the frames and I feel no loss as I want them to love what they choose.”

Eyewear by Olga is run by Trentin, a licenced optician, and her sister Nina Ljutic. It opened in 2011 and has four staff. Recently, Trentin took some time to discuss her business with Optical Prism.

Q. What kind of clientele does your store service?

A. We service a high-end clientele; people who want the best-made products and exceptional customer service. We go above and beyond for our clients (we open early and stay late, we also come in on our days off for personal one-on-one private consultations).

Q. Tell us about the brands available at your boutique?

A. The primary brands we feature are Dita, Thierry Lasry, Claire Goldsmith

and Theo.

Q. What kind of marketing tools do you use?

A. Primarily, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but we also put advertisements in our local newspaper and have pop-up trunk shows with Canadian fashion designers in our boutique. We have a huge turnout and referrals as well.

Q. What are some of the benefits of operating an independent outlet?

A. The most rewarding benefit for us is being able to hand-pick what we sell. I do believe that when you have a passion for something, it’s best shown when you have the luxury of being able to give your client exactly what they want. I find the best option for their needs and at times, if we don’t have it, I outsource it.

Q. Are there any changes or plans for the future for the store?

A. We are very happy with how things are. We are looking for an optometrist to come on board and service our amazing clients. That’s what we would love the most. We, like many others, only want to share our passion for eyewear by making many more new clients as happy as our existing ones.

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