By Jody Johnson-Pettit

Advances in new technologies is allowing eyewear companies to produce better lenses to improve and protect patients’ vision.

In the coming year, the importance of blue light protection will remain top-of-mind for one Canadian lens company.

“Essilor Canada is convinced that everyone needs and should have access to blue light protection,” says Martine Ahier, marketing manager for Essilor Canada.
“Since we have all been talking about blue light for five years already, the subject is well known in the industry. However, there is a significant gap between what our industry knows about blue light and what the consumers know.”

Essilor Canada is motivated to keep developing blue light protection and are looking at expanding their product offerings in the next couple of months.

“Even if only 11 per cent of corrected consumers in Canada have blue-filtering lenses, 72 per cent of them are concerned about blue light exposure and 85 per cent of wearers are likely to purchase eyeglasses that prevent eye strain once they are informed of the benefits,” says Ahier.

The various lens options on the market are many and Essilor’s focus is all about simplification.

“Consumers are shopping differently, looking for product information from different sources before going to their eye care professional,” says Ahier.

Essilor Canada wants to offer the best products possible to answer the needs of all consumers.

“Offering the best designs in single-vision with Eyezen and the most recommended progressive lens with Varilux along with Crizal and Transitions really brings the benefits consumers are looking for.”

Transitions Optical is continuing to increase people’s ability to personalize their lenses with the expansion of the available colour options of Transitions Signature lenses with new Transitions Signature style colours as well as Transitions XTRActive style mirrors.

“Both lens options help people express their style,” says Isabelle Tremblay-Dawson, marketing manager.

Transitions Signature lenses have been available in grey, graphite green and brown, known as the iconic colours.
Now they are also available in four new vibrant style colours – sapphire, amethyst, amber and emerald green.

“They are suitable for eyeglass wearers who want optimum comfort and hassle-free protection both inside and outside throughout the day,” says Tremblay-Dawson.
“Transitions Signature lenses are our fastest-adapting and most popular lens.”

These lenses have light-intelligent Chromea7 technology and are the clearest indoors and have fast fade-back speed. They also block 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays, while also helping to protect from harmful blue light indoors and out.

Transitions XTRActive style mirrors are now available in flash gold, silver and violet blue.
Copper and blue green will be available soon.

“These are another great choice as a second pair of lenses beyond primary clear lenses.”
Outdoors, these lenses have a mirror finish and provide intelligent visual comfort and hassle-free protection from UV and harmful blue light.

Indoors the mirror fades to a light reflection with a hint of colour. “They are ideal for those who are especially sensitive to light, as they are extra dark outdoors to protect from even the darkest sun and they darken behind the windshield of the car,” says Tremblay-Dawson.

Kodak Unique DRO and Kodak Unique DRO HD progressive lenses with Dynamic Reading Optimization are now available in Canada. Centennial Optical and Riverside Opticalab have teamed up to produce these digitally customized progressive lenses. DRO – Dynamic Reading Optimization, improves the overall optical performance of the lens while significantly reducing oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area.

Kodak Unique DRO lenses allow greater precision and wider clear fields of view, while the Kodak Unique DRO HD progressive lenses take customization to the next level, using position-of-wear measurements to highly customize the lens to the individual patient’s viewing needs. The DRO technology greatly reduces off-axis viewing, allowing the eyes to comfortably focus in the reading area for longer periods of time.