The summer is flying by and for many of us, this is a time when our lenses are often tested for durability. Summer means we are constantly on the move and our lenses face being bumped,dropped and scratched as we enjoy what summer has to offer.
In this special digital supplement, we focus on lens technology and how the industry is working to develop more advanced, long-lasting lenses.
Our digital supplements have been very popular with our readers this year. They have been an exciting chance to not only highlight industry specific news, but also share what individual companies are doing to improve and revolutionize the eyewear industry.
This year we have already looked at exciting new frames and designs from the hottest designers. In our June Digital Issue we shared the
latest technology and innovations from the team at Transitions Optical and this issue will be just as informative and helpful to readers with new information about lens technology both for glasses and contacts.
We also look at the rising concern within the lens industry with online sales and how to promote better marketing and communication
practices with patients.
Over the past few years, the appeal of online sales have lead many patients to explore what they believe to be a cheap alternative, without realizing the serious health risks of buying lenses on the internet.
In this issue we talk to companies about what they have done to help ECPs stay on top of patient concerns and ensure that sales happen in-office and not online.
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Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing you at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas this fall!