By Jody Johnson-Pettit

Have you ever accidentally sat on your glasses?

If you are like me, then your eyewear often needs readjusting due to bent frames.

Thankfully new, innovative technology helps lessen the worry of breaking your eyewear.

Although flexible frames aren’t guaranteed to not break, they do withstand more abuse and are designed to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

TURA 827021

Tura Inc.’s TITANflex frames feature contemporary styling with both stability and stress-resistance. The frames are super flexible at the bridge and temple, ultra-lightweight, comfortable and less breakable than traditional frames.

“TITANflex styles are sophisticated and modern, with a unique construction not common to memory metal product,” says Jennifer Coppel, vice-president of brand management. “The use of acetate materials on fronts, flat sheet memory metal bridges and pierced temples create a strong styling voice that inspires confidence and individuality. The models also have a focus on performance accents, masculine colours, and create visual interest.”

Costa – MODO 7006

The Ocean Ridge collection by Costa features lightweight, great-fitting sport frames made from nearly indestructible bio-based resin nylon. The material is sustainable and strong, allowing the frames to hold their shape in extreme hot and cold weather.

“Our use of the lightweight and durable material Monel and the unique ways we’ve combined acetate and Monel is both high quality and high value,” said Holly Rush, CEO of Costa.

The three new Bimini Road styles now feature Monel, making them durable, lightweight frames that are hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant and a great choice for casual sport and everyday.

Other flexible frame options on the market include models in MODO’s R 1000 + Titanium collection. MODO merges form and function in an innovative frame that is a combination of Resin 1000, a super-light and super-flexible memory plastic, and Beta Titanium 153. The frames are resilient and will always return to their original shape.

WestGroupe SuperflexKids -172

And because kids can also be tough on their eyewear, the Superflex Kids collection by WestGroupe is designed with real kids in mind.

Kids can be their exuberant selves without the fear of damaging their eyewear.

“All Superflex Kids styles are made with spring hinges for extra durability, comfort and fit,” says Beverly Suliteanu, vice-president of product development.

“The collection is designed with the ability of the temples to flex outwards, allowing them to spring back into place without causing any damage to the frame.

“It is important for ECPs to offer these types of frames for children because they have greater durability than frames without spring hinges and, in turn, result in less adjustments and prevent the need for costly repairs.”

Nano Vista

Nano Vista & Plan “B” Eyewear also offer the children’s Nano GLOW optical collection, made from Siliflex material that makes these frames flexible, lightweight and indestructible.

The collection also offers glow-in-the-dark temples, making it easier to find frames in the dark and allow of better visibility of children playing in low-light conditions.