When I think back to my childhood, I can picture the eyewear my grandparents wore when I would visit them.

They ranged in age from their mid 50s to mid 70s, but one thing was clear– they looked like ‘grandparents’ in their thick rimmed glasses and bi-focals. I can remember my Grandad sitting on the end of the chesterfield in a cream coloured cardigan and grey slacks doing a crossword, ‘specs’ as he referred to them, on the end of his nose and even though he was only in his 50s at the time, he certainly looked older.

Today wearers in this age group are called Boomers and there are more than 7.4 million of them nationwide. Unlike my grandparents who lived through the war, this post-war generation are more keen to follow fashion trends and have a multitude of style options available to them.

In this issue we highlight some of these styles from chic and trendy to sporty and functional. For many Boomers who lead more active lifestyles than their predecessors, the loss of vision seems a little less expected. We talked to the CNIB to learn about resources ECPs can offer to their patients as they make this new lifestyle transition. ECPs are the first resource for vision loss sufferers and it’s important that they are fully informed and engaged in the care of their patients.

For those with a face for fashion, we offer the latest looks from the industry’s leading eyewear designers and suppliers including Marchon, WestGroupe, Oakley and more. It’s never been so easy to look stylish while wearing a pair of glasses.

Were you at Vision Expo West last month? There is something about the Las Vegas show that embodies the energy and buzz the fall eyewear season creates. It’s also exciting to see the latest technology and innovation coming from the areas of research and development. This year we saw more examples of smart lens technology and 3D print technology. As the eyewear industry continues to move forward into the 21st century, the way medical conditions are treated and glasses are worn will change too. It truly is an exciting time to be involved with eye care and eyewear!

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