FYidoctors has received exclusive Canadian in-market assessment access for 2021 to the world’s first and only drug-releasing contact lens for vision correction and allergic eye itch: ACUVUE Theravision with Ketotifen. The contact lens provides relief for those suffering from seasonal allergies through the use of ketotifen, an H1 histamine receptor antagonist for the prevention of itch associated with eye allergies.







The lab-sized digital ultrasonic cleaner from McCray Optical Supply is capable of cleaning up to 30 frames at a time. With the proper solution, the device is an effective disinfectant against COVID-19. It is recommended for cleaning by Public Health Ontario.






Nikon Optical Canada has launched SeeCoat Next coatings, which offer the best combination of clarity and durability thanks to Diamond Booster technology and Best-in-Class topcoat. The light-sensitive SeeCoat Next Bright coating corrects reduced colour reception and improves contrast, while SeeCoat Next Blue features a blue light filter designed to reduce eyestrain from digital device usage and SeeSun Next boasts anti-reflection on the back of the lens to provide full UV protection on sun lenses.







Johnson & Johnson Vision has announced the availability of TECNIS Synergy and TECNIS Synergy Toric II IOLs in Canada. The next-generation PC-IOLs combine the best of extended depth of focus and multifocal technologies to deliver the widest range of continuous vision and the best near-vision among leading PC-IOLs without the visual gaps seen with some existing multifocal technologies. Ophthalmologists across North America can now use this breakthrough PC-IOL to help treat cataract patients.







Bollé has launched the most technologically advanced high-contrast lens in the marketplace with the introduction of Volt +, its first lens ever developed using Artificial Intelligence. The lens has been introduced in 15 SKUs and all of them can be experienced by consumers with an Augmented Reality filter on Instagram.