The Opticians Association of Canada is proud to invite the public to see the latest in Virtual Reality and the latest in eye wear technology and fashion. Consumers can try on the latest frames, see the latest in contact lenses, ophthalmic lens technology and experience virtual reality with multiple VR devices ready for play.

“Our goal is to welcome consumers to experience the latest in vision technology and to see the world like never before. There is no better way to experience better vision than with the power of Virtual Reality.” says Robert Dalton, Executive Director of the Opticians Association of Canada.

Virtual Reality is not only hugely entertaining, but retailers and businesses are starting to see the value in engaging consumers with VR. Brands and products using VR show a 53% favourability score, according to Additionally, 81% of people who try VR say they will share their experience with friends and family. Whether business or pleasure, consumers trying virtual reality for the first time have the same reaction, WOW! Being able to experience it for the first time, in addition to exploring all the new products and samples the Optical Industry has to offer, is the goal of this event and the Opticians Association of Canada.

The Opticians Association of Canada is a professional association representing Licensed Opticians in Canada. Our mission is to promote Licensed Opticians and the profession; to develop and maintain a professional standard of knowledge and proficiency in our occupational field, and to educate and inform vision care consumers about matters related to their eye health.