From Barcelona to Japan, ETNIA BARCELONA continues to bridge the Mediterranean and Far Eastern cultures with the Miscelánea campaign. As usual, the Catalans take a creative and artistic approach. The Miscelánea campaign fits seamlessly into the #BeAnartist motto of the Spanish designer brand.

ETNIA BARCELONA – A Synthesis Of Colors, Art And Culture

Since its creation in 2001, the independent eyewear brand has revolutionized the world of eyewear fashion with its unique creations. Each year, the brand’s design team surprises with collections that are at the forefront of fashion. But what makes ETNIA BARCELONA stand out is the uniquely vibrant color palette that is expressed in each design. There is also no compromise when it comes to materials.

ETNIA BARCELONA uses only the highest quality natural materials, such as Mazzucchelli’s exclusive natural acetate and HD mineral glass lenses. From their headquarters in Barcelona, the Catalans have set out to become a global brand with offices in Miami, Vancouver and Hong Kong. Under the motto #BeAnartist, ETNIA BARCELONA encourages everyone to express themselves freely through design.

A journey through cultural diversity

Through the photography of Biel Capllonch, ETNIA BARCELONA highlights in this campaign the cultural and artistic heritage of two seemingly different and distant worlds: the Mediterranean, source of inspiration and home port for the brand, and Japan, a timehonored region rich in symbolism and mythological legends. This fascinating fusion of influences is also reflected in the designs of the new collection for the modern and young at heart woman. Natural acetates are combined with Japanese-inspired textures and details. The collection features bold shapes with a Mediterranean character and includes remarkable prints symbolizing the scales of koi carp or the color of cherry blossoms. Another fresh collection that ETNIA BARCELONA launches with a very successful campaign.

Miscelánea – a tribute to the connection of cultures

The latest campaign from the Spanish label invites us to explore the fascinating links between Japanese and Mediterranean cultures, creating environments where tradition and innovation live together in harmony. With the launch of Miscelánea, ETNIA BARCELONA once again underscores its close ties with the art world. The Barcelona-based eyewear brand’s Fall-Winter 2023 campaign presents an emblematic world where two cultures meet: Japanese and Mediterranean.

Miscelánea reveals surreal atmospheres of unique beauty, featuring female figures that are clearly reminiscent of classical painting. At the same time, each painting combines elements of Japanese and Mediterranean culture, as well as traditional and modern objects. The result is enchanting paintings that interweave the two cultures, take symbols out of their context, fuse tradition and innovation, and offer multiple levels of interpretation. Miscelánea revives the motto “Be Anartist” that has accompanied the brand since 2017, inviting rebellion through art and finding an individual way of expression.