Essilor is pleased to announce the launch of Eyezen™ glasses, millennials’ greatest defense against the eyestrain that comes with the constant connection to digital devices. Eyezen glasses are intended to serve as an everyday pair of glasses to provide comfort and protection for a generation of people who are on smart phones, tablets and computers for hours at a time. Eyezen glasses not only benefit those who require a prescription but also those who currently wear contact lenses or do not wear prescription glasses at all.

Eyezen glasses are specially enhanced with magnification in the lower portion of the lens to help alleviate eyestrain often caused by viewing text and small screens on devices such as tablets and smart phones. Plus, Eyezen glasses selectively filter the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital devices.

Research shows some millennials spend at least nine hours a day1 in front of a digital screen. Their digital devices are a part of their lifestyle both at home and at work, causing many to accept sore and fatigued eyes as a part of life.

“The technology in Eyezen glasses supports the digitally connected lifestyle of the millennial generation – a lifestyle they aren’t willing to change – by reducing eyestrain and exposure to harmful blue light,” said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “Eyezen glasses provide comfortable vision while using digital devices, helping you stay connected and be more productive.”

Currently, Eyezen glasses are available to order as spectacle lenses only, but in the coming months Eyezen will launch an exclusive frame collection allowing consumers to purchase a complete pair of Eyezen eyewear – lenses and frame – with or without a prescription.

Visit our website or find us on Twitter @EyezenUSA and to get the full Eyezen experience.