For the last 10 years, Essilor R&D laboratories have used virtual simulation to test and validate new concepts of lenses. Dedicated only to R&D until now, virtual reality will be entering stores with the launch in Canada of an exclusive virtual reality headset for 3D demos called NAUTILUSTM. This new generation of demo tool, totally adapted to optical practice, has been designed to reinforce the shopper’s experience and help the Eyecare Professional during the selling process.

Consumer satisfaction: the starting point of the Essilor innovation process

For more than 160 years, Essilor has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy. Being innovative also means placing wearers and their specific needs at the heart of the approach, as demonstrated by the Live Optics program: all products defined, based on consumers unmet needs, will be launched only when their benefits are clearly approved by wearers. Virtual simulation enables to design and test disruptive solutions, being free of production constraints, as it has been the case for Varilux S series’ conception.

From R&D laboratory to the Eyecare Professional’s practice: virtual reality will now benefit the consumer.

Essilor is convinced virtual reality has to go beyond the R&D process and become integrated in the practice as an efficient selling tool for the Eyecare Professional. For the first time, the consumer will be able to see and virtually test the solutions put forward by the Eyecare Professional, reinforcing the argumentation by the demonstration and enhancing the purchase experience. This makes the professional even more trustworthy, and it strengthens the quality of the advice, a key criteria in the choice of a practice by a consumer, and the 1st parameter influencing overall satisfaction (extract form a study conducted in 2012 by Ipsos among 3000 people in France, Germany and US).

A 3D simulator in the store
A first in the ophthalmic industry: Essilor has developed Nautilus, an exclusive virtual reality headset that aims at immersing the consumer into a real experience of lens benefits. This tool has been specifically designed for the stores: it can be adapted to the consumer PD and prescription, can be configured to select demos, and is easy to handle, use and clean.

For more information on the Nautilus virtual reality demonstration tool, or to order, contact your Essilor sales representative or write an email to