The Ontario College of Opticians and the College of Optometrists filed a legal proceeding against Clearly requesting that the court determine the legality of online sales of contact lenses and eyeglasses in Ontario.

Essilor Group in Canada respects the decision of the Colleges to seek the court’s opinion regarding the role of optical e-commerce in Ontario.

As a global leader, Essilor has over 170 years of unparalleled commitment to supporting the highest level of product innovation, safety and consumer satisfaction. Essilor’s long term sustainable approach to business means that the Essilor Group is fully committed to complying with laws, regulations and requirements in all the countries where it operates.

With the advent of technology and the consumer’s evolving needs, alternate channels are fast-emerging. It is of key importance for Essilor to continue to work hand-in-hand with its eye care professionals, while also addressing the consumer’s new buying preferences, in order to provide access to the best quality of eyecare for all Canadian consumers. Essilor in Canada will continue to strongly support the independent eye care professional in their efforts to serve Canadians in both traditional and e-commerce channels.