Essilor reveals a new corporate identity to help promote the Group’s activities in enhancing universal access to visual health and vision correction.

Essilor’s new logo is just one part of a strong corporate brand platform to communicate more widely about the Group’s mission and business strategy. It follows a program of international internal consultation to find the best way to define the characteristics of the Group and unite teams behind a common sense of purpose: improve lives by improving sight.

Essilor’s new logo draws on the 165 year history of the Group – its origins and culture as a multi-local, pioneering and people-driven company. For our external audiences it will help to differentiate between the institutional initiatives from Essilor’s commercial activities at a local level. Internally, it’s a way to federate 55,000 people working in an international network of local subsidiaries and autonomous partners.

Across the Essilor Group, all our actions are driven by a single truth: vision matters. Good eyesight has a positive impact on our health, safety, education, career, social lives and daily well-being. Of the 7 billion people, 4.3 need visual correction and 2.5 do not receive it.

Over the coming weeks, a new advertising campaign will bring to life our mission through telling the stories of some of the people whose experiences are transformed thanks to the gift of clear sight. A new occasion to communicate on Essilor’s mission: improving lives by improving sight.

Introducing the logo
Simple, elegant and monochrome, the corporate logo is relevant to today’s Group’s profile: a leading player embedding a diverse network of brands and partners with specific identities. The bold horizontal line under the brand name suggests a horizon, evoking ambition, future perspectives and a vision turned towards the future.
It is easy to distinguish from the dominant blue colors of the existing “Essilor blue” commercial brand.