As the country progressively reopens and economic activity slowly returns following COVID-19, Essilor Canada supports independent eyecare professionals (ECPs) as a partner in the recovery.

By offering rebates, patients will not have to compromise on how they protect and enhance their vision with a focus on potential harmful blue light protection, UV protection and anti-fog products.

As a new normal begins, Essilor Canada is there to provide the solutions patients will need most. Increased screen time during isolation means possible eye fatigue and an opportunity to discuss the impact of potential harmful blue light and the need for blue light protection. Upcoming brighter days will require UV protection so Xperio® or Transitions® lenses for style and protection. Also, with new recommendations to wear masks for safety reasons, there is OptiFog® which prevents lenses from fogging up.

The Essilor Canada Protect & Enhance rebate offers a no-hassle 20% rebate on all Crizal®, Transitions® and Xperio® brands between May 11 and July 10. The rebate is also valid on Crizal® OptiFog® long-lasting fog-free vision treatment.

In addition to the Protect & Enhance rebate, Essilor Canada is broadening its Multi-Pair Offer so a patient can extend it to any of their immediate family members and benefit from a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th pair all at 50% off. Now not only can a patient be properly equipped with the lens solution needed for their lifestyle, the offer extension provides the flexibility for all family members to receive the quality lenses they deserve to
see more and do more. This family offer is also valid until July 10.

“We know ECPs seek offers that can easily translate to benefits for both themselves and their patients,” says Christophe Perreault, Essilor Canada President. “Our offers respond to the habit and lifestyle changes currently happening to better serve patient needs. And while the economy slowly returns, we understand that there will be various challenges and hurdles our customers will face in this new reality. These offers are one way in which we’re partnering with ECPs to stimulate business recovery. ”

For any questions or additional information, please contact your Customer Experience Representative.