Dedicated to improving lives by improving sight, a group of employees from Essilor Canada and their partners gave back to the community of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, last Jan. 11.

Students from two schools were provided with vision care and glasses, in addition to having their school environment enhanced.

Vision care and distribution of glasses
This mission, organized by Richard Jarry and Martin Lespérance of Essilor, as part of the 2016 National Sales Meeting, will have enabled more than 250 students from schools Las Dos Jardas and Centro Educativo Cabeza de Toro to benefit from an eye exam pre-test.

Of these, 208 went through the vision screening step and, subsequently, 47 passed a full eye examination thanks to two Dominican optometrists, Dr. George Rodriguez and Dr Enyel Rodriguez and two Canadian optometrists, Dr. Trish Campbell and Dr. Gilbert Fortier.

Several opticians of the Essilor Canada team were also on site to assist them. All the students, as well as their teachers, were given a pair of sunglasses, and, for those in need, a pair of prescription glasses.

School yard enhancement
While a team of volunteers took care of the clinical aspect, a second team rolled up their sleeves to embellish both school yards.

Swings, see-saws and benches purchased by Essilor were installed and painted and a thorough cleanup of each yard was performed. A significant amount of school supplies, brought by employees of Essilor Canada, were also given out.

Essilor Canada president, Pierre Bertrand, who plans to repeat the experience, summarizes the event:

…we joined forces, passions and our hearts to change the lives of hundreds of Dominican children…and in the process, those children changed the lives of our Essilor Canada team and their partners. This experience was unforgettable to us, and we are already looking at integrating this type of Giving Back in all our National Sales Meetings moving forward. Regardless of where the meeting takes place, we will look to help people see the world better by partnering with the local Eyecare Professionals and their Associations.