Involved since 2006 in the Participe pour voir visual screening program of the Fondation des maladies de l’oeil, Essilor Canada supplies free lenses to children in need.

In 2013, more than 2000 children from 14 primary schools throughout Quebec will have taken part in the program. Approximately half of the participating school children will have to go to an optometrist for further care and it is estimated that half of those will need glasses. Among this last group are children of families who cannot afford the eyeglasses and this is when Essilor steps in to supply lenses, including coatings and the Transitions option, according to the prescription and recommendation of the optometrists. Frames are supplied free of charge by participating frame companies.

Good vision is essential in the context of school education, which, in turn, will have lifelong positive effects. Essilor is proud to be a partner of the Fondation des maladies de l’œil and of its Participe pour voir visual screening program.