As part of its partnership with the University of Montreal’s School of
Optometry, Essilor Canada has donated $50,000 to help upgrade the school.

The amphitheatre has already been renovated, and work will continue until fall.

“Training future optometrists is essential to continuing to provide Quebecers with the best vision care, and Essilor Canada is proud to support this effort, which will ensure students have a modern learning environment to continue their education,” said Barbara Heffez-Piper, President of Essilor Canada.

Dr. Christian Casanova, the director of the University of Montreal’s School of Optometry, stressed that the collaboration with Essilor Canada, which began in 1991, helped to train a new generation who can provide primary vision care. “We are delighted to be able to count on the support of a partner like Essilor Canada, a leader of innovation in vision care. This donation will be invaluable in continuing our school’s upgrade project.”

The University of Montreal’s School of Optometry, which combines theory and practice, continuously improves its training and facilities to meet the demands of the profession. Founded in 1910, it has been established for over a century and welcomes 46 students each year. It is the only French-speaking school in the world offering a PhD in optometry and the only school in Quebec offering a PhD in vision science.

Essilor Canada is proud to support this global leader in education and training in the fields of optometry and vision science in Quebec. This donation reflects how much Essilor Canada values being involved in the community, always with the goal of improving lives by improving sight.