A notice to customers has gone out indicating the acquirement of Riverside Optical Lab by Essilor.

The statement read:
It is with great pleasure that we announce that a partnership has been established between the Riverside Opticalab Ltd group and Essilor Canada LTD, effective January 10th, 2014.

The Riverside Opticalab group based in Ontario and Québec will continue to act and operate independently. Our mission will remain to continue offering our customers the best ophthalmic solutions accessible from a multitude of manufacturers.

We believe that thru this partnership the Riverside Opticalab group will build on the Essilor resources to provide our customers with the latest technologies and innovations that are available on the market today and in the future.”

In the statement President and CEO Roland Laplante said, “We are excited about this announcement that will benefit our customers,” says Roland Laplante President and CEO of the Riverside Opticalab Ltd group.

Laplante was unavailable by telephone to make a comment.