Essilor Academy Canada has launched a new series of webinars to help eyecare professionals across the country adapt to an ever changing marketplace and consumer needs. The brand new program brings together all of Essilor Canada’s training activities and includes nine webinars based on three pillars: Growing your business, Make your life easier and Be the eyecare expert.

Essilor Academy Canada listened to the requests of eyecare professionals from coast to coast, and built on the very successful formula introduced in 2017. The 22 webinars and online courses presented last year in French and English, live and recorded, generated more than 4000 views. The new 2018 program will incorporate the same format used in 2017 and provide new learnings to promote continuous development amongst eyecare professionals.

“We have created Essilor Academy Canada’s 2018 training program to help eyecare professionals cope with the rapidly changing marketplace, new consumer needs and their buying habits,” explains Martin Lespérance, Director Training and Development. “The webinar formula, by providing short doses of information and motivation on a regular basis, is positioned as a continuous development tool that can support our partners in achieving their goals. We are very proud of this innovation in training.”

New content in 2018

The newly launched program is dynamic and flexible, sharing information on current industry topics, engaging participants and motivating eyecare professionals to act on the learnings. Each webinar is 30 minutes or less and the series contains relevant lessons for each member of your team. The schedule for 2018 content is as follows:

• February 2: Multipair – Practical tips and tricks
• March 20: Eyezen ™ – Capturing the single vision consumers
• April 17: Trends in Style – Introducing Transitions and sunwear innovations
• May 15: Luxury Trends – A guide on to how to sell luxury
• June 19: Eye health and wellness – UV capsules, blue light, etc.
• September 18: Tips and tricks for recommending and ordering Products
• October 16: Prescribing in the chair
• November 20th: Surprise guest
• December 18: Planning a successful 2019

Essilor Academy Canada’s Optics 101-The Basics online training series, perfect for newcomers to the industry and for those who want to update their knowledge, is also available now. Other types of online training will also be made available to participants throughout the year.

A comprehensive training program

Based on Essilor Canada’s solid training experience, Essilor Academy Canada’s programs are designed to promote motivation and passion in learning in order to maximize implementation and produce rapid results. In addition to the webinars, the program includes in-office training and large-scale events such as the Roadshow, Alive Summit / MBA and Varilux Vision Summit Trip. A wide variety of topics are covered, from sales to team management and business development, to customer journey engineering and the basics of optics, innovation and technology.

Registration for the 2018 webinars and the Optics 101-The Basics online training series are open now. To register or for any questions you may have, please contact Essilor Academy Canada by email at: