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eSight Partners with Sight Savers America to supply assistive technology to visually impaired students

Five K-12 students in Texas receive eSight 4 medical devices to enhance vision, improve mobility

Today, eSight announces that five K-12 students in Texas have received its life-changing vision enhancement devices as they return to school. The effort is the result of a two-year partnership with nonprofit Sight Savers America, which identifies and secures eye care treatment for children in need in 16 states through three different programs.

 The students, all with severe visual impairment, range in age from 13-18. They were referred to Sight Savers America through the organization’s Low Vision program. Sight Savers America proudly contributed financially, along with funds raised through eSight’s eMPOWER program, to purchase eSight 4 for each student. The all-in-one head-mounted device uses a combination of powerful hardware and software to correct visual acuity up to 20/20 for more than 20 different eye conditions. Whilst the students have used assistive technology in the past, this is the first time they will be able to transition from indoor to outdoor seamlessly, thereby transforming the way they view and experience the world.

“As fundraising challenges emerged over the last two years, we never gave up on getting these students the assistive technology that can transform their lives. Our partnership with eSight allows these students to experience the world in a new way,” said Sight Savers America President, Founder and CEO Jeff Haddox. “For those who love art, a trip to the museum will be extra special. For a soon-to-be high school graduate, this means more possibilities in life.”

eSight 4’s patented bioptic tilt technology allows the students to use their peripheral vision to stay on-the-go, allowing them to use the device while at school, at home or while enjoying time with friends. eSight 4’s software is cloud-based, which means the device is never out-of-date.

“Sight Savers America recognizes the critical role that advanced assistive technology can play in improving quality of life and opening up a world of possibility for children,” said eSight President and CEO Robert Vaters. “Children who have received eSight are able to create beautiful art, play light sports and go to school without eye strain and pain. We can’t wait to see what these students do next.”

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