Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. is pleased to introduce its next generation Smartlux® Digital, a portable video magnifier for patients with vision loss due to macular degeneration and other eye diseases. The new Smartlux® Digital features a 5” reflection-free display, 14 color contrast modes, a full HD camera and is user friendly since it has just 4 tactile and color-coded buttons on the top to operate the main functions. More advanced settings are accessible via the menu button which allow for the selection of the LED brightness, viewing modes, magnification type (step or continuous) and orientation of the underline among others. 

The integrated stand allows for 3 different uses: fully retracted for hand-held use, fully extended for placing on reading material and partially extended for writing under the display. The quick 50 fps refresh rate is the fastest on the market and provides a clear image when the device is in motion so there is no smearing or ghosting effect. The Smartlux® Digital can connect to an external screen using the HDMI cable to live stream images or it can connect to a computer via the USB connection to transfer photos. 

A protective zippered case, charger, cleaning cloth and lanyard are included and accessories include an attachable handle which provides optimal stability and supportive grip and a Bumper which protects the product if it is dropped. In short, the Smartlux® Digital is a user friendly and customizable portable video magnifier that allows patients with vision loss to be better able to read, write and do hands-free tasks, thereby increasing their independence and quality of life!